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Clenergize provides expert consultancy services for small to large scale solar energy power projects in UAE and throughout the Middle East region, extending to African and Asian markets.

We offer a full end-to-end solution to our clients – including feasibility assessment and project tendering, up to design, project management, testing, and operations and maintenance of solar panels and solar systems at better solar panel price.

Through our comprehensive range of solar consultancy services, we enable clients to identify the most cost-efficient solar PV system for their requirements, while ensuring it is supplemented by proper documentation and thorough evaluation of the offer, design and commissioning phase.

With a strategic headquarters in Dubai, we are in a key position to service clients in the UAE and GCC region. From determining the quantity and type of solar panels in UAE required to helping clients prequalify solar companies and PV suppliers to partner with, Clenergize implements a complete and streamlined process that ensures the success of solar energy projects. We are working with leading solar companies in Dubai, Oman and UAE.


Shyam Yadav

Managing Director


Luca Sacchetto

Director Commercial


Paolo Mastrogiacomo

Director Technical


Srivatsa Bhargava

Lead Consultant


Dinesh Kumar

Legal Counsel


Purab Bhatia

Associate Consultant