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Sustainability UAE & ESG UAE: Leading the way in Energy Efficiency

The UAE is a nation that is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. As a result, there is a growing demand for sustainability and ESG consultants who specialize in helping companies achieve their energy efficiency goals.

A focus on environmental responsibility

Sustainability in UAE is focused on helping companies reduce their environmental impact and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This can include implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing waste via waste management systems, and promoting sustainable supply chains. As sustainability consultants in the UAE, we help companies obtain LEED certification, a widely recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

A focus on environmental, social, and governance practices

As ESG UAE consultants, we specialize in environmental, social, and governance practices within companies. We help organizations develop policies and practices that promote ethical behaviour, diversity and inclusion, and responsible governance. This can include developing sustainable business models, addressing climate risks, and promoting human rights.


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Sustainability UAE | ESG UAE
The UAE is a country that prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility, making it the perfect location for our solar energy consultancy. Our experienced energy efficiency consultants are dedicated to helping companies reduce their environmental impact and operate in an environmentally responsible manner. If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you achieve your sustainability and ESG goals and improve your energy efficiency, Clenergize is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

UAE has one of the best prospects for solar energy owing to its location (high number of sunny days), a well drafted solar policy which is backed well by the government and access to several good quality contractors and suppliers. The grid tariff also helps in a faster payback with solar.

The customer gets cheaper electricity - with payback now reaching as low as 3 years in some countries. There is also the option to have a Zero Capex solar plant - where you get cheaper electricity from a solar developer who will finance and build a plant on your facility.

ESG is the integration of sustainability pillars within corporates involving monitoring and measuring corporate impacts on global, national, and local community aspects including Environmental, Social and Governance impacts.

To comply with national agendas and targets. To align with major supplier requirements To position against Competitors To cater to the rise in consumer awareness

Energy efficiency means the effective utilization of installed energy infrastructure. It relates to the modification of HVAC, Lighting, BMS etc in order to reduce the energy bill.

The energy bill gets reduced. There is automation and efficient utilization of the HVAC, Lighting and Machinery. Clients can get the Capex Option (where they invest) or the Lease Option (where they pay over time a fixed amount), or a Savings Sharing Option (where they share the acheived savings with the Contractor).

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