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Sustainability & ESG consulting

In recent years and as more companies seek to reduce their environmental impact and operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner, the demand for sustainability & ESG consultants has grown. As professionals, we provide expert guidance on sustainability strategies and environmental, social, and governance ESG practices.

Helping companies meet environmental goals

Sustainability consulting involves working with companies to identify and address their environmental impact. This can include developing sustainability strategies, implementing energy-efficient practices, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable supply chains. Sustainability consultants can also help companies obtain LEED certification, a widely recognized symbol of sustainability achievement in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and many more countries.

Ensuring governance and socially responsible practices

As ESG consultants in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, we focus on environmental, social, and governance practices within companies. We help organizations develop policies and practices that promote ethical behavior, diversity and inclusion, and responsible governance. This can include developing sustainable business models, addressing climate risks, and promoting human rights.

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  • Scope 1,2,3 Carbon Emissions.
  • GHG & IPCC assessment.
  • Mitigation Plan
  • Net Zero Roadmap


  • Check ESG Gaps as per GRI Disclosures.
  • Department Wise Assessment.
  • Perform Materiality Assessments
  • Stakeholder Engagements.


  • Compare the ESG performance vs Peers and Competitors.
  • Regional and International Best Practices.
  • ESG Rating and Scoring.


  • Preparation of ESG Strategy.
  • Short and long term goals.
  • Net Zero
  • Circular Economy


  • Prepare ESG Policies
  • Integrate ESG in existing Policies
  • Department Wise Integration
  • KPIs to measure ESG performance


  • Prepare Actions Plans with Targets
  • Department Wise Allocation
  • Tools for Tracking and Reporting


  • Preparation of Annual Sustainability Reports
  • Integrating ESG within Annual Reports
  • Ecovadis Preparation and Submissions

Carbon Footprint

We prepare your Carbon Footprint Assessment. Scope 1,2,3 Emissions and Offsets. Know your emissions, mitigations, develop Net Zero Carbon Strategy and Carbon Roadmap.
Sustainability Consulting | Esg Consultants | Sustainability Dubai

Gap Analysis and Benchmarking

We perform a Gap and Maturity Assessment on your current state. We identify the desired state and corrective actions to reach ESG international standards. Know where you stand against industry peers by comparing your ESG initiatives.
Sustainability Consulting | Esg Consultants | Sustainability Dubai

Strategy and Policy Development

We develop the main sustainability strategy to achieve sustainability goals. We prepare and update All Relevant Core ESG policies to achieve strategy.
Sustainability Consulting | Esg Consultants | Sustainability Dubai

KPIs, Targets and Action Plans

We identify All Relevant Targets and KPIs in accordance to material topics. We set Science-Based Targets (SBTs) for each KPI and indicators to be measured Develop action plans per target with all relevant departments
LEED Certification | Sustainability Consultants | Esg Consultants

Sustainability Reporting

We deliver high-quality Sustainability Reports aligned to international standards. We support in all attestation and ratings application processes. Support our clients with a marketing and publishing plan.
LEED Certification | Sustainability Consultants | Esg Consultants

Our Clients

LEED Certification | Sustainability Consultants | Esg Consultants

LEED Certification: A Symbol of Sustainability Achievement

LEED certification is a widely recognized symbol of sustainability achievement. It is awarded to buildings that meet strict environmental standards and demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practices. Obtaining LEED certification can help companies improve their environmental performance, attract environmentally conscious customers, and enhance their reputation.

As sustainability consultants, we specialize in environmental monitoring, auditing, and planning, as well as hazardous materials assessment and waste management in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Our experienced sustainability consultants work with companies across the Middle East to help them meet their sustainability goals and ESG practices. We've worked with leading companies in the property, infrastructure, financial, and utilities industries, delivering cutting-edge compliance, operational improvement programs and helping clients achieve great results in their sustainability report in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Sustainability and ESG consulting are critical components of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. As companies seek to reduce their environmental impact and operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner, the demand for sustainability consultants and ESG consultants will continue to grow. Dubai is a hub for sustainability consulting in the Middle East, and our UAE-based consultancy is well positioned to help companies in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain meet their sustainability goals and obtain LEED certification.

Frequently Asked Questions

ESG is the integration of sustainability pillars within corporates involving monitoring and measuring corporate impacts on global, national, and local community aspects including Environmental, Social and Governance impacts.

To comply with national agendas and targets. To align with major supplier requirements To position against Competitors To cater to the rise in consumer awareness

It takes from 3-4 moths to develop and build a company's Sustainability Strategy and Framework and create action plans to meet their goals.

Countries in the GCC and MENA region have announced multiple agendas and standards to ensure compliance and alignment to Sustainable Development Goals. Standards include GRI, SASB, IR, LEED, etc.

Some of the most used ESG strategies including Net Zero Carbon, Circular Economy and Waste Management, Sustainable Procurement, Sustainable Investments etc.

Green Financing and Sustainability Linked Loans are a major benefit that banks offer to companies that have a proven track record of implementing Sustainability activities and strategies in their business operations.